MI Body Composition Scale Makes Your Body Even Better Than Before

Before diving in you probably want to know what is MI Body Composition ScaleDon’t you want to know how healthy you are? Sounds surprising isn’t it? Not to worry my friends I am going to make it easy for you to understand. Lets understand it from an out of box idea.

A student always analyse himself or herself in the field of study by the marks they get in their exams. Similarly, a Body Composition Scale (BCS) lets anyone understand how healthy they are. Many a times you measure your weight but if I will ask you what you get from it! Using a simple scale always lead you to wrong conclusion. Other than your weight there are so many different types of health data needed to tell about your health. Using a body composition scale or its also called body composition monitor you can measure everything to conclude how your health really is!


Working Of A Body Composition Scale

You get to know about your health by the readings shown by a BCS. These readings are very reliable, precise and it is proven technology. This device does its work in the following steps:-

  1. First it sends a very slight current through your body and this technology is termed as Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis.
  2. When the current passes into the body, the muscles, fat, water & bones conduct the electricity at different rate.
  3. The different rates of resistance offered to the current is then measured by the scale.
  4. The Body Composition Scale then take this information and process it along with the formulas and data like age, sex etc.
  5. Then it very quickly does its calculations and the derived data shows your body’s composition with huge amount of information.


What type of measurements are done by a Body Composition Scale?

There are different measurements shown by a Body Composition Scale along with lots of information which are listed below. If you want to know more details of any measurement just click on them.

The above measurement will give you a detailed analysis of your health and fitness.

MI Body Composition Scale

MI Body Composition Scale

Now after figuring out what is Body Composition Scale? How it works? What different types of measurements it gives? Lets now move to our main topic that is MI Body Composition Scale. The MI Body Composition Scale is very fantastic and has a very reasonable price. It not only provides you the weight of your body but also provides 10 precise and accurate data points and these are:-

  1. Muscle Mass:- The total weight of Muscle in our body.
  2. BMI:- It is ratio of height to weight which provides measure of body fat.
  3. Bone Mass:- It is the weight of mineral in our bones.
  4. Weight:- It is the overall body mass.
  5. Body Fat:- It is the real weight of fat in our body.
  6. Visceral Fat:- This fat is found at the abdominal region’s core surrounding the organs.
  7. Basal Metabolism:- When our body is at rest it needs some minimum energy to function and this minimum energy is termed as Basal Metabolism.
  8. Body Score:- It is the full and overall evaluation of our body composition.
  9. Water:- This is the total amount of fluid present in our body and it is expressed in percentage which is called Body Water Percentage.
  10. Stay Motivated:- A very awesome and fabulous feature added by MI in this composition scale and this feature lets us to be motivated by our weight goal journey by consistently comparing with people around us.

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Note: If you have an electronic medical implant like pacemaker then you should not use MI Body Composition Scale. You must consult your physician. Also if you are an specially-abled people, athlete or a pregnant women then your results may not be completely accurate and comprehensive. 

In this scale you are required to install MI Fit app from Google Play. You can download it by clicking here Download 

After downloading and installing it you are required to fill out details like your sex, date of birth and height for precise and accurate results.


How It Works?

As you know like all other Body Composition Scale the MI Body Composition Scale measures the above mentioned data points by Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). When you step on this MI scale it first sends a very mild electrical current from one foot to the other and then this device measures the total time the current takes to pass through your body and through this way the device calculates its data. The electric current is very mild so you need not to worry about it and since it works on electric current so you should use it when your feet is dry and your body is well hydrated. 

MI Body Composition Scale Fitness

How You Should Take Its Reading?

When you step on the scale and wait for 10 seconds then at first it will show you your weight right there in the display screen and then it will proceed for the full analysis of your body. I have earlier mentioned the MI Fit App above because to check out your full results you need this app. 

MI Fit App

The MI Fit App measures the result in the form of metrics and then it shows you and its the only way to read the metrics. First you need to open the app then when you will scroll down you will see weight and body score sections. When you will tap the weight section the app will provide you a graph which will show you complete details of your weight overtime. As I have mentioned earlier that the Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale compares our weight with people around us with same height and age. And by comparing with the folks around you with the same height and age you will definitely get motivated.


Now when you will tap the Body Score Section then the app will give you each and every measurement in a very detailed order. This smart app acts like a doctor too as it will tell how about each metric affect on your body and not only that it will also tell you how and what should you do to improve it. For your information I should mention that the MI Band also uses the same MI Fit App. So, If you are using both the devices then data from both devices will be shown in the same app. Don’t worry it will not get messy. 

Built & Design Of Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale

As we know how significant role a Xiaomi MI Body Composition plays in our lives. Now lets now move on to the next step and here we will get to know the built and design of this scale. In a very simple and precise language this device is made up of polycarbonate with 4 metallic electrodes which is used for the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. This time Xiaomi made its display screen just below the plastic and when somebody steps on the scale then it lights up, this way you can figure out that now the scale has sent a very slight current in your body and it has started its processes. 

A very minor issue with this device is that it is available only in white color, and due to this if somebody’s feet is very dirty and if he/she steps on this scale then the scale may also get dirty. So you have to pay attention regarding this fact always try to keep this device clean. Whenever you clean it then use a damp clean cloth and scrub it little strongly.

Dimensions Of MI Body Composition Scale

Dimension Of MI Body Composition Scale

Exterior Measurements 

Dimensions:- (300x300x300) Millimeter

Weight:- 1.6 KG

Material:- Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) (A common thermoplastic polymer)

Weight range:- 5 kg – 150 kg

Units:- Catties, Kilograms, Pounds (switchable)

Reading precision:- 50 g

Compatibility:- Bluetooth 4.0

Operating ambient temperature:- 0-40℃

Battery:- 4x AAA batteries

Compatible with devices running Android 4.4 and above, as well as iOS 8.0 and above.

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